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Some Things to Know Before Your Abdominoplasty Procedure.

Abdominoplasty or, more commonly referred to as, a tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that involves removing the excess skin and fat on and around the abdomen. In some cases, patients request this surgery to help strengthen muscles that have become separated or weakened but is is more commonly done for cosmetic reasons. The surgery will help to create a profile that is smoother looking and also firmer.

Most people strive to have six pack abs, and they will diet and exercise in order to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, these methods do not give these individuals the body they want. However, you can locate an experienced tummy tuck surgeon in your area to help remove the skin and strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Even individuals who are in a healthy weight range can have an abdomen that sags or is loose.  A protruding abdomen is typically the result of:

•    Aging
•    Pregnancy
•    Weight fluctuations
•    Hereditary
•    Previous surgery

What An Abdominoplasty Will Not Do:

It is important that patients do not use the surgery as an excuse to not exercise or eat right. Patients should also be mindful that even though the results of this type of cosmetic surgery are usually permanent, the results can be diminished by large fluctuations in weight. This is why patients who are planning to become pregnant or lose weight should refrain from getting the surgery until later.

When you are ready to get this type of procedure, it is important that you consider several factors when looking for an Abdominoplasty surgeon.

Board Certification    

The only cosmetic surgeons that you should consider are those who are board certified. Unfortunately, the government does not regulate training or require that surgeons are specially trained to perform cosmetic surgery. This means that many general surgeons are performing cosmetic surgeries without the proper training and certification.

There are several things that you can ask the cosmetic surgeon you are interested. You should ask the surgeon if he or she is board certified and ask for verification if necessary.

tummytucksurgeonsDoes The Surgeon Have Experience?

You want to choose an Abdominoplasty surgeon that has extensive experience performing this type of surgery. Even though cosmetic surgery is a specialty within surgery, there are sub-specialties that surgeons may specialize in. Performing a Rhinoplasty is significantly different from performing an Abdominoplasty.

You can ask the surgeon the number of times they have performed this procedure as well as the number of years of experience they have.


Although you may have a referral from a friend or family member, you should only work with an Abdominoplasty surgeon that shares the same aesthetic sensibility you have. This means that you should discuss your goals and projected outcome for the surgery when you are vetting surgeons.

You also want to know if the surgeon has worked with patients who have a similar body type as yours. You will also want know how consistent the surgeon’s results are, and if they are any unresolved complaints.

Finally, you want to make sure that you have an emotional connection with the surgeon. You will be spending a lot of time with the surgeon, and it is important that you feel comfortable around him or her.

These are some of the factors to consider when you are looking for an Abdominoplasty surgeon. These tips will help you find the surgeon that is best qualified to meet your needs and goals.

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